Complicated Lookup in Excel

March 2017

Complicated Lookup in Excel


I have two spreadsheets that I am trying to use a lookup on. It's a little more than a VLookup. PTCI and TECI are the names for the workbooks. In the example below, I have an example of what I am trying to do. The actual lookup part has been concatenated and then highlighted in blue. The orange is the tricky part. There are 7 columns (BLANK through Key Field 6) on the TECI that need to be translated into a number (Key) column on the PTCI. It seems to be both a Vertical Lookup and a Horizontal Lookup. I need all the help I can get ASAP. Thank you in advance!!!!


  • From the PTCI workbook, I have added the TECI workbook to 'SHEET1' on the PTCI. From there, I used this following formula to get the data that I needed.....


H2 - Concatenated Data Field
G2 - Key Field


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