Changing Ringtones, SMS Alerts and Alarms on HTC Windows Mobile

December 2016

HTC Windows Mobile allows users to customize or change ring tones, SMS alerts and alarms according to the preferences of the user. Before ringtones or alarms can be changed, the music file has to be downloaded on the phone. As music files with a full song take up space, they can be edited or cut short to save space by music editing application software. For alarms, the music files have to be converted to a format compatible with HTC Windows Mobile. Changing the ring tone, SMS alerts and alarms on HTC Windows Mobile can be done through the phone menu. No changes to the telephony software need to be made.

Learn how to personalize your HTC Diamond / HTC Touch / HTC Touch Pro Windows Mobile with customized ringtones, SMS alerts and alarms.

Transfer music to your phone

To use a custom MP3 as a ringtone, you must first save the music to the phone's internal memory:

Connect the phone to the PC.
  • Then using the synchronization software from HTC, go to the "Explorer" menu
  • Then:
    • Either go into the "Application data" folder, then to the "Sounds" folder where you add your music
    • Or go to the "My Documents" folder, then "My Ringtones"
  • Copy and paste the files you wish to transfer

If your music is on the phone's SD card:
  • Go to the phone's "Explorer" menu and click on Application
  • Select "Storage card" in the dropdown menu.
  • Select your music track (long press) and copy and paste it into My Ringtones or Sounds

Set personal music as a ringtone or SMS alert

To define a music track as a ringtone (stored in phone's internal memory), select the track with a long press and choose "Set as ringtone".

To define other tones (e.g. SMS, Email, On/Off ):
  • Select "Start" > "Settings"
  • Then "Sounds and Notifications"
  • Select "Notifications"
  • Here you can choose the music you've added to the internal memory of the phone as a ring tone or SMS or email alert
    • Note: If you use a whole music track, it will be bulkier and the music will be continuously played, when receiving a phone call.
  • It is best to cut the music track with software like:AIV MP3 Cutter

Delete default ringtones

  • If you want to save some space, you can delete the default ringtones
    • Go to "My Device"
    • Then under the "Windows" folder, go to "Ringtones" and inside you will find the default ring tones, alerts and alarms

Change the alarm sound

  • It is possible to customize the alarm too:
  • You will need an MP3 cut to a maximum of 45 seconds
    • For this you can either use the program "MP3 Cutter" which is installed by default on your HTC or using software such as AIV MP3 Cutter
    • Encode music to "wav" format using software like Format Factory
    • Once encoded, copy and paste the "wav" file into the internal memory, more precisely in the "Windows" folder.
  • On the main screen of the phone, press on the time display
    • A window will open, select the "Alarms" tab.
    • Tap on the "bell" icon, and from there you can choose the music track you added previously to the "Windows" folder.
  • If you want to define a full music track as an alarm tone, you must encode the music in "wav" format, "'CCITT A-law'' in 11.025khz, in 8 bits and in mono.

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