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Computer blocked in zoom mode

February 2016

A computer is an electronic hardware device used for storing and processing data based on instructions. The term hardware covers circuits, mice, printers, keyboards, power supplies, cables and displays. You can change the display size of the icons in your computer by pressing the ctrl key while you scroll up and down, while ctrl+0 can be used to get the default size of the icons. You can enlarge or reduce what you see in the Internet browser using ctrl + (plus/minus sign). Screen resolution affects the clarity of text and image on your screen. Items appear sharp but small at higher resolution and appear large at lower resolution. Having any kind of changes in your screen resolution impacts on the clarity of your screen irrespective of the operating system version you use.

Computer blocked in zoom mode


My computer was working fine until one morning I turned it on and now my computer screen is zoomed and everything is HUGE! Everything I open including the internet, does the same. Has anyone got any advice please?


You just have to follow the following steps:
  • "Start" >"Control Panel" >"Accessibility Options "
  • Or press Ctrl+O


Solved by wires and plugs
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