Excel - How to create a ComboBox

December 2016

If you want to add a ComboBox to one of your worksheets, in order to hace some additional options (drop-down list), here's the procedure:

First you must create the list of items you want to have in your ComboBox:

In our example we will make use of a list of the types of websites/blogs.
  • Tech
  • Sports
  • Buzz
  • Finance
  • Ecommerce
  • Create this list somewhere on your worksheet,(e.g From cells: E13-E17)
  • Activate the Developer Tab:
    • Office(orb) button/Excel Options/ POpular / check Show Developer tab in the ribbon.
  • Click on the Developer tab
  • In the Controls Section click on the Insert button and select the Combo Box tool.
  • You'll notice that the mouse pointer changes to a small crosshair.
  • To create the combo box click and drag the mouse button on an empty space of your work sheet. Once you obtain the desired size (height X Length) release the mouse button and the combo box will appear in your worksheet.

Right-click on the combo box/Context menu appears/ select the last option Format Control
In the windows that open simply input the cell range define earlier (list of options to be displayed in the combo box).
  • Here in our case (using this format):
  • Input range: E13:E17
  • So here's your Combo box ready for use:

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