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iPhone - Disable the voice over feature

May 2016

The iPhone provides a lot of features that can prove very useful to its user. One of these features is the voice over feature of the iPhone which is an accessibility feature of iPhone. If the user chooses to do so, it is quite simple to disable the voice over feature. The changes can be made in the accessibility settings of the iPhone. Alternatively, a shortcut method can also be used. Pressing the Home button on the iPhone three times will allow the user to disable the voice over feature of the iPhone.

Disable the voice over feature


How to disable the voice over feature of my iPhone? I find it quite annoying.

Solution 1

  • Go to Settings/General/Accessibility/ Voice over/ Select "No"

Solution 2

  • Press 3 times the Home button.
  • You should get the "Disable Voice Over" option.
  • Hit the button twice to disable it.

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