PlayStation 3 - Unable to acquire IP address

October 2017

PS3 (Playstation3) is one of the home video games consoles which comes with online gaming facility, multimedia capability, etc. A playstation network server is a multi-player online gaming facility used by the Playstation3 video games console. There are a number of errors that occur with the playstation and one in particular is the IP address (Internet Protocol Address) which cannot be obtained; as a result the console cannot launch correctly. If your PS3 cannot obtain the IP address then you should check your cable modem that connects your system and other devices to the internet service through a cable system and Wireless Router.

In the case that your PlayStation 3 is having trouble to acquire an IP address (Wi-Fi router), follow the below procedure:

Solution 1

In Network settings, go to "Wireless Network", then turn off the "MAC filtering" feature (enabled by default) and try to connect again.

Solution 2

  • Turn off your PS3
  • Unplug both the cable modem and wireless router
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Plug modem in and wait for status light to go solid
  • Plug router in and wait for status light to go solid
  • Turn on your PS3
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