How to create a 3D games ?

December 2016

How to create a 3D games ?


I'm interested in making 3D games; I can manage C++ language and Java also! But I don't know what software can be used to make a 3D game! Can anybody here help me please?


  • You want to create a game?
    • What kind of game, choose below:

1 - 2D RPG ---> RPG Maker
3 - 2D Platform ---> Game Maker or Game Editor
4 - 2D Racing --->?
5 - 2D Fighting ---> or Mugen Fighter Factory

1 - 3D FPS ---> Blender or FPS Creator
2 - 3D third person ---> Panda 3D
3 - 3D Racing ---> 3D Game Studio
4 - 3D Fighting --->?

Languages used to create games:

1 - C + +
2 - Java or C #
3 - Python

Tools to create a commercial game (only for advanced users who work in groups)

1 - Unity 3D ---> Creates platform games for Windows, Mac and iPhone
2 - Unreal Development Kit ---> Build up games for Playstation 3
3 - XNA Game Studio -> creates games for the XBox 360 platform

Tip for beginners:

Start by creating a 2D game, or RPG can be a game platform.
Create games like Mario and etc ...

If you want to create a 2D platform game recommend downloading sprites ready, you can find on the internet.
If you want to create a 3D recommend downloading textures ready for your game.

To create textures, ultilize programs like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Gimp or Inkscape.
These programs mentioned above also create sprites for 2D games.

To create 3D games you have to learn modeling, there are many tutorials about it.

These programs do not create games, but are escelente to create 3D models to be inserted into the 3D engine utilizes load you ue:

1 - 3D Studio Max
2 - Autodesk Maya

To create 2D games you need:

1 - Time and dedication.

To create 3D games you need:

1 - Time and dedication
2 - A computer that supports 3D.

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