MSN/WLM - Can not connect, error 800488fe

August 2016

Microsoft has recently disabled a large number of MSN Messenger accounts sending junk mail, as spammers use them to message thousands of people. Microsoft took serious action against such accounts to protect their mail server and recipients from hackers and bots. The spammer has effectively violated the Windows Live Code of Conduct. There is one possible solution to retrieve your instant messaging account if you have been hacked, which is to send verification to Microsoft to confirm yourself as the real user, by logging in to the "Live account" of the Microsoft engine. If you still can't access your account, contact Microsoft support, as your account might be on an untrustworthy internet spammers list.

[MSN/WLM] Can not connect, error 800488fe


Microsoft has recently disabled a large number of MSN/WLM accounts for sending junk mail. This prevents you from connecting to MSN/ WLM and displays error code 800488fe. If this happens, it means that your computer is infected or that you have given out your password on an untrustworthy website (for example).


You must perform a complete verification process to find out if there's a robot sending spam from your computer. Here is the procedure:
  • Login to
  • As requested, provide a mobile number
  • Enter the code that you receive via SMS
  • Change your password and follow the instructions.

If you cannot follow this procedure, submit your request for help here.

Source: Windows Live Help

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