How to send a movie in an iPhone

October 2017

How to send a movie in an iPhone


Hello, it's been one week I have an iphone and I wanted to know if it is possible to send a dvd (movie) in my iphone if so how thank you


  • Go to GOOGLE and search "Movies2iPhone"
  • Then download
  • Put a movie on your desktop
  • Open Movies2iPhone
  • Click on "movie to convert"
  • Select the movie on your desktop
  • Click on "Destination Folder"
  • Choose the office
  • Click on "convert the movie to my iphone"
  • Wait for the progress of conversion (approximately 25 minutes for a movie)
  • When done open iTunes
  • Select iPhone in the left column of Itune
  • Then go to the tab "Movies" on top of Itune
  • Go to "File" (top right corner of iTunes)
  • Choose "Add File to Library"
  • After checking that the movie appears in the iTunes window is ticked, press "synchronize" (this lasts 2 or 3 minutes)
  • When done, you can see the movie in the iPod tab "Video" on your iPhone ...
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