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A week ago my computer crashed completely, and I am now no longer able to use it. I logged onto Facebook the other day using another computer without any problems, and changed my mobile number on there. But the next thing I know a message appeared saying that my account was locked, and I need to confirm my identity, as I had tried to make changes from a different device to usual.

But the only options given to me for identifying my account are:

1) Identify 5 friends from their pictures. Which is both stupid & impossible as I've got over 3,000 friends on Facebook, and cannot remember every one!

2) Get a code sent to a mobile number to verify the account. And it will not verify any number that I put in, so that option is useless.

3) Get three friends to verify who I am and send me a code. This option is also useless as I am only able to contact one of the friends.

4) Prove that you have logged on from a different device. Another option that is useless, as it requires me to log in using the computer that is no longer working.

And finally...

5) Get a code sent to the e-mail address listed with the account to log back in. But I cannot use this option either, as that account was hacked and I no longer have access to it. Which is why I had set up a new e-mail account, and was about to add it to my Facebook account when this suddenly happened.

If anyone knows of any other way for me to solve this problem I would be very grateful.

I know what my username & password are so logging in should be simple, I just need another way to verify myself

Thank you...
plus moins
I losted my phone, i can't log in my facebook account require code
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