Building a PC vs Buying a pre-built PC vs Buying laptop

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Hello geeks ,

Today I'm asking the questions that blocked me for weeks from choosing Laptop / PC , and searching for the perfect performances for Video Editing / Photo editing / Gaming / Programming ...
especially when my budget is 1100$ , so should I Build a Computer / Buy one / or Go for a laptop ??! ;(

Here is my Specs :

Processor : Core i7
Graphics card : Dedicated
RAM : 16 GB
Storage : 1TB minimum + SSD

PS : sorry guys if I am not in the right category , if it was the case show me the perfect category please


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Hello BSW,

You are in the right category and on the best high tech forum.

You wrote that your budget is 1100$, since you wrote the $ sign after the number I assume that you are from a French speaking country. I don't know how far $1,100 will get you were you live.

Here, in North America, $1,100 would get you a top notch machine that would meet all of your needs. Building one, searching for parts compatible with your motherboard, installing an operating system could be challenging. But if you have never built one, it could be troublesome and without warranty.

Considering your needs and funds, I would shop around; look for reputable brands and stay away from lower entrance grades such as Acer. You would also benefit from a free operating system, free support, free upgrades and a warranty.

Good luck
BusinessWorker- Sep 4, 2017 at 06:20 AM
Yes you got me , I'm from France , ( lol Good job !! )

and Thanks For your Fast answer

I have just a 2 last questions :

--what to avoid when buying a Pre-Built Desktop Computer ??

--What about this HP omen tower :

P.S : sorry for the as you said here in Europe everything is expensive ,
but I will buy my computer in a local store near me ;-)
and Thanks again for your answer
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I would recommend the machine you describe for your need. Hopefully it's available in Morocco.
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