CPU Fan Replacement Issue - No Display

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Hello ALL!

I have had my MSI GE72 2QE Apache for roughly 2 years now. Unfortunately the CPU fan started buzzing and rattling quite loudly and after some fiddling around and trying to fix it my boyfriend and I decided it was better to replace it. It all went smoothly and the new fan runs but for some reason the screen isn't working now. Completely black.

Some people say to upgrade bios (not sure how to do that), some people say to completely drain the battery and we have also read something about replacing RAM but just wanting to see if anyone else has an opinion on what has happened?We aren't tech experts but I am pretty certain that it was installed correctly - there was no glue needed or anything so it was pretty straight forward. That being said it is also likely that we have really screwed up... haha.

Here are some things I have already looked into:

- Cables in correct positions
- Computer running smoothly
- CPU running between 5%-12%/GPU 0%
- Works when connected to external monitor (which I have been using to see how everything is running) and does detect that 2 screens are present.

I really appreciate any help in advance!

plus moins
Hi Cath

If you have placed the CPU FAN without removing the old thermal compound and

applying a new one on the processor then remove the old thermal compound

from the processor and make sure that your CPU FAN is also clean without any

thermal compound.

Now freshly apply some thermal compound in the middle of processor and

fix the CPU FAN properly.

Good Luck.
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plus moins
Hi Ambucias,

Thank you for the suggestion. I was concerned about the thermal paste but some other forums where saying that with my model of laptop it wouldnt be a huge issue because the screws hold it down in place. Is this the wrong advice? Would something like thermal compound ruin the display? Everything else is running fine and the computer isn't overheating. Simply the display isn't working - it works on an external display.

Thank you for your reply.
Ambucias 44781Posts Monday February 1, 2010Registration date ModeratorStatus September 22, 2017 Last seen - Sep 7, 2017 at 05:30 AM
Sorry Kath but I have given you all the help I could considering the knowledge I have.

Good luck
Matabaseng- Sep 7, 2017 at 06:51 PM
Thank you for the help you gave. Kath
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