How to take programming skills from students to pro level

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Hello everyone,

this question is a bit different than casual programming questions so I hope I didn't disturb somebody's peace :)

I'm a student from Slovenia and I love programming. I have learned basics of most common programming languages, read books, watched tutorials and so on. I would love to become software developer some day and I need advice from all you profesionalls here.

How can I take/get/start real world projects to get my skills on higher level? I cannot just came to programming company door and say - Hey I know how to program, please hire me... I don't know if I look dump as I ask this, but this is a lot of jung students problem today...

How was your experiance when starting pro carrer?
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You take whatever job you can! There are plenty of market space for programmers, but you may not start doing what you want. ANY amount of experience will help. If you have to , start with a software companies HELPDESK, providing front end support (getting to know products), then use your experience to move into a production position, or there may be a Resolution position to move to. Take what ever you can for about 2 years. Then you have a proven track record, and you will gain experience enough to move into a position where you have no creative freedoms, and you are the slave of a marketing VP! Just where you wanted to be!
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