Microsoft Windows 10 error saving PDFs on a USB drive

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I have had only problems and huge wasting of time since I installed MS Windows 10.

Along with everyone I have spoken to, we are all utterly frustrated with this download. It almost acts as a virus. I have never heard so much criticism abut a MS product or indeed experienced it for myself as now. The system is intrusive forcing Windows as an operational mode.

There is no means for a simple move like wanting to put a PDF on a USB to get quality pictures printed.

Filing is lost in space with the juggernaut of looking to see which folder it has slotted into. After readily showing you document is being filed, when trying to call it back, it is an impossible nightmare. You keep plugging away thinking there must be a way....... there never is.

Yours faithfully,


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Hi Shirley,

I am running on Windows 10 and I find it absolutely marvellous, a fantastic operating system.

I read you message and I don't quite understand your issue but I am sure it has nothing to do with Windows 10.

Can you explain exactly?

Also, what the make and model of your USB key.

How are you proceeding to save the document on the key?

Explain what you mean by: when trying to call it back
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Thanks for your kind response.

A lot of frustration and time loss with Microsoft Word occurs when trying to retrieve a scanned or PDF document or picture and not knowing where they are stored with so many more additional in folders that do not leave a trail of where they are stored for retrieval.

Also 2 repeated error messages come to mind as examples.

- ".... The set of folders cannot be opened. Errors detected in the file C:/ etc

- "The recycle bin has become corrupted in C Drive, where I have to log back in after a few minutes of being away from laptop.

- Thumbnail pictures are not as easy as before to select view.

- It is very hard to attach photos or documents when you have saved and completed them yet they do not appear in Quick Access/ or This PC / or Pictures /or Documents as the case may be.

Kind regards,
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You cannot use Word to retrieve scanned or PDF documents or pictures because they are not in the same format.

What are the folders you are referring to?

When you must log back in has nothing to do with the recycle bin but a Windows 10 security feature. It prevents other people to use your laptop when you are away.

You want to attach photos or documents to what.

To find files and folders, just click the file explorer, 4th icon from the bottom left.

Let me know
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