Laptop/Keyboard problem

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8i hav3e t4r8i3ed cl3ean8ing 7und3e4rn3eath th3e k3eys 2w8ith n9o 4r3es7ults 0pl3eas3e 0pl3eas3e h3el0p

in case you cannot read it, i'll have to spend an hour getting rid of the numbers. the reason i didn't type it correct the first time is because i felt it would be easier to show the issue instead.

My laptop is having some issues when using certain keys. All of the top keys are typing numbers, and the arrow keys do the same, making it very hard to take notes quickly for school. Shift key and any of the top keys won't even type when pressed at the same time. This is a very costly computer and i don't want to just throw it out
i have tried cleaning underneath the keys with no results please please help

Something else of note is that this isn't the first time it's done this, sometimes it does this and sometimes it doesn't. The point still stands: what good is a laptop that was bought for the sole purpose of taking notes if it can't even type efficiently?

plus moins
If when you use an external keyboard it types correctly, no doubt that your will need to have the laptop keyboard replaced.
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