Bios sometimes recognize my HDD and sometimes doesnt

Ask a question JhaR - Last answered on Oct 3, 2017 at 12:14 PM by xpcman
I usually check my hdd with hd tune and everything was ok according with the quick test. But last week, I opened Windows and immediately the so informed that there was an issue with the registry, then the pc started to freeze and I decided to check disk again with hd tune and suddenly appeared a lot of bad sectors that have not appeared in my regular checks. I have not used the pc during one month and that was very rare to me but I check with Crystalinfo and also informed the health of the hd was in caution because 100 realoacated sectors and 100 damaged sectors. I used hdd regenarator to repair, and after 30 minutes the pc crashed. The boot of windows was broken and I decided to use ubuntu, since then Ubuntu works fine but the the bios sometimes doesnt recognize the hdd. The utility of the manufacturer said that the was failing the short and the long test, and was not able to fill with zeros and now says that cannot communicate with the hdd to give commands but ubuntu works well.
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It appears that the hard drive is failing and needs to be replaced.

Good Luck
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