Facebook account Disabled.

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The Fb ID which I've using for around 10 yrs got disabled last week. Its been around 4 days since I've sent the appeal attaching my Identity proof(Driving License), but got no reply from facebook & its team. So, at last, Today I created a new ID with everything correctly to my knowledge without any misrepresentation. Sent frnd request to all my friends. Used it for around 4 hours without any issue. Then opened the fb app once again to check all the approvals I got, a message flashed saying " We are having a security concern with your login ID. Kindly submit a clear photo of yourself ( which shows my face clearely). Did what it said. Guess what... My ID is again blocked from logging in. They are verifying wheather its actaully me or not. Help me.
P.S.- I've also provided my mobile number in the new ID.


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Instead of waiting to recover your original account which could have taken a couple of weeks, creating a new account was a huge mistake.

You completely confused Facebook. Facebook allows only one account per person. From now on all other account you create will be disabled. Facebook may have felt cheated.

You must now endure and cultivate your patience.
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