One of my SATA HDD did not showed up in Bios and hang on booting

Ask a question Neolast - Last answered on Oct 10, 2017 at 12:53 PM by xpcman

I need some help here, Everything was normal until one day like ordinary day when i turn on my PC and it hang. It does pass the bios and it stop/hang when it try to boot/load the OS. Not a single error msg appear. It does not even reach Windows logo (i used win 7 os) so i try to check bios (uefi) and i did realize that one of my SATA HDD which not contains OS (not primary hdd) does not show up in Bios but the others 3 Sata HDD does show up. I already reseat the connector, change the sata port even change the sata cable but still none of this work. Finally i decide to remove for a while the undetected hdd coz i really need to work on my pc. But even when i remove the undetected hdd. My pc still hangs after it pass the bios. I couldn't figure it out what the problems. I do really appreciate some help. Thanks

plus moins
It's probable that you need to replace the broken drive and reinstall the OS.

Good Luck
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