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.my Facebook account was hacked and all the email addresses linked to it have also been compromised I no longer have the telephone numbers link to the account I can however give you the last known password and email account link to Facebook that worked I can also tell you the location the original email address and password used to create Facebook any type of legal documents you may need to prove that it is me I have tried every single help link Facebook offers including every single link and way to try and recover any of my old email accounts to get back into my email account I've exhausted every known link for help available and then some the account is so old I don't even believe that they had most of these recovery options people are talking about nowadays the account was created about the same time Facebook was created or soon after when everybody moved from Myspace I can give you family members my wife my aunt who ever any other legal document you may need I can tell you and what state the account was I can even give you the name of the person's phone that was used to hack my account please help me I beg you I'm optimistic but only a highly intelligent person with this field if any can help ....New ccm member Clsmike.and I want to thank any and everyone that took time to read this in hopefully have ideas

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Try this

Click on the below link. You can find all the information to help you recover your hacked Facebook account:
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