My Gigaset A490 is neither able to make nor receive calls

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I just bought a new Gigaset A490 cordless phone for fixed line.

I am able to save phone numbers and names in it. I am also able to charge the batteries fully.

What I am not able to do is make or receive calls.

I have set it up as per the instructions.

The power adapter works fine. All other functions work properly except the telephone cord.

The phone cord supplied with Gigaset A490 could not be used as the phone socket in my house is an old two-pin one. I tried to use another phone cord but it did not work.

Why does Gigaset A490 not work with any other phone cord? Is it necessary to use only the phone cord supplied along with the set?

What could be the reason?

Kindly guide me. I am in India.
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To troubleshoot the issue and find out what is wrong, first try a normal phone in the same plug and tell us if you can make a call.

When you turn on your cordless phone can you hear a sound before and while you dial?
babu7 2Posts Friday October 13, 2017Registration date October 13, 2017 Last seen - Oct 13, 2017 at 07:00 PM
The answer to both your questions is yes.

My old landline phone works fine with the same plug and yes, I can make and receive calls on it.

When I turn on my Gigaset A490 cordless phone I can hear a sound both before and during the dial. The phone shows the number which I have dialed and is trying to connect. I can see the flashing and blinking.

But after that, nothing happens. I just cannot make the call. Neither can I receive any call when I try to call that phone through another phone.

The socket on the wall is an old two-pin one whereas the Gigaset A490 comes with a modular connector which needs a modular socket.

I cut another phone cord at one end and fitted it into a two-pin plug. Fitting the modular connector to the cordless phone and the two-pin plug to the socket on the wall, I tried to make it work. It did not work.

Do modular connectors work ONLY with modular sockets? Can't you make these work the way I tried to?

What's the solution?
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Do modular connectors work ONLY with modular sockets? The answer is yes, there special circuits both in the connector and socket.
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