No cpu light, but cpu fan running

Ask a question nirmal - Last answered on Nov 8, 2017 at 03:39 PM by PARKER-FIX

when i switch on
cabinet fan is running.
motherboard led is glowing.
cpu fan is running.
grphics card fan is running.
cd rom tray can be opened.
nothing on monitor.
led on cabinet indicating status of cpu is off.

please tell me what can be the problem.
plus moins
does a black screen appear? if so then probably your ram memory has a problem.

can you at least see boot menu appear after restart? try to shut down your computer then turn it on then after a few seconds restart. if still black screen then next try using boot disc if it's not a memory problem you might see boot screen. if nothing happen still. then probably your ram memory has problem as well as other part in computer and cpu too might be the reason, but in most cases memory problem causes black screen when you turn your pc or laptop you can hear it's working but all you see is black screen with nothing on.
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