Need way to contact yahoo email help directly [Closed]

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I am having an ongoing problem signing in with yahoo email. I had no problem with this account for years. Now, every few weeks, I find myself locked out, unable to use the current password or reset to a new one. Up until this episode, I've been able to find a way in eventually, but this time I am completely stymied. The recommended steps for password reset lead to a dead end --- either nothing happens or the screen shows an error code that says to try again later, but 'later' it's just the same thing. I have several subscriptions that come to that email address, and receive important notifications there. If for some reason, yahoo/att email accounts are no longer supported or are being phased out, I wish the 'help' robots would just say so. If I could get back in one last time, I'd get the info I need to clear the place out and call it quits. And why is there no customer service telephone number you can call to get help? Seems as though ATT, being a phone company and all, could provide that easily.

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Yahoo mail has no phone support.

What do you expect from a free service?
darkwintercat 2Posts Sunday November 12, 2017Registration date November 12, 2017 Last seen - Nov 12, 2017 at 07:16 PM
I expect to be able to access my email. That's all!

I would thank those who seek to help me, if I could make contact with them. :)

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