Inserting day of week along with date

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I found an previous post with same question that is closed and it was helpful except for the format.

I am looking for an outcome of:

I've entered "dddd, dd-mmm-yy. I get the outcome but if per the previous comment, if I "wrap text" and shrink the cell I still get ##### displayed on my screen and in print preview. I am only able to view the cell properly if it is wide enough to display, which displays as "Sunday, 01-Jan-17"

plus moins
Everything is working as expected. The product that is being displayed is the result of the cell formatting not being able to produce all of the text, so as not to show you "wrong" data, it is visually showing you that there is more to be displayed. Double click the column border to the right of the cell to auto fit the cell column.

If you are trying to autoformat the cells with code, post back!
I hope this helps.
jmoricone 2Posts Friday November 10, 2017Registration date November 10, 2017 Last seen - Nov 10, 2017 at 07:48 PM
Hello AC3Mark

Thank you for the reply, sorry I am aware that ### means that there is more data that is visible within the width of the cell and that by enlarging the cell (width) the full data is displayed. I have set to wrap the text as I am looking for the data to wrap so that the Day is displayed above the actual date within a specific width size.

I hope this is clearer in what I am looking to do. Also, I am not trying to use a formula to change display only "wrap text" with small cell width.
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