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Ask a question Kim Lewis - Last answered on Nov 10, 2017 at 02:44 PM by xpcman
I'm having the same problem.I forgot my password and I had to reset it but when I try putting my new password in it never works.what is go in on?Also its telling me I cannot get on facebook dew to security reason.what reason is that ??All I need is to be able to log into my account simple as that .I'm not a freaking hacker or anything I just need to get on my group page under my name Kim***@*** the last password I used for this account were poohbear2012 please help me (Thank U)

plus moins
Sorry to say but nobody on this planet can reopen your disabled Facebook account other than Facebook.

If you did not do anything wrong, I suspect that your account has been hacked and the hackers did something wrong in your name.

Please see the links below and they will guide you into getting your account back. Nobody else on this forum or elsewhere in the world can do better than those answers.

You must contact Facebook yourself.

Best regards and good luck.
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