How to put email on a laptop [Closed]

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I have a home computer and now have a laptop, how can I put my email address on to my laptop? I am using the home computer to read emails and it is not always possibble.
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Hi :)
You have posted this question in a linux forum but it seems you are currently using Windows? If your laptop is already setup to use linux then the easy answer is that "Thunderbird", "Claws" or "Evolution" are the main email clients. Of those I would prefer the first 2 as Evolution does too many extra things too.

The question is, do you know what version of linux your laptop uses? Did you buy the laptop with linux already on it (in which case you are probably using Ubuntu) or did someone install linux after it was bought (in which case it could be almost anything)?

You might find better help through one of these links ...

Also to get to forums specific to your particular version of linux try navigating through from this site

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

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