My PC stopped recognizing my WD My Book [Closed]

Ask a question Mai - Last answered on Aug 26, 2009 at 06:10 AM by sharpman
I recently bought a WD My Book 1tb and I formatted it to my PC and it was working fine(I can only connect through USB) I turned it off and such since then, but I took my PC to school today and all of a sudden it can't read it. I can't reformat it because I might loose my data, but also I can't see it in Disk Manager I have no clue what it going on...stupid external hard drive.
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try this

'I found that part of the issue is with the WD software. Try removing their programs from your system and then unplug the drive and reboot the computer. Once that's completed. Ensure that the blue light on the "my book" is not rotating. If it is then power cycle the external unit. Once this status light is steady then plug in the USB cable and see if that helps resolve the issue.'

gleaned from a website

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