No audio on 2 of 3 different accounts on pc [Closed]

Ask a question Ian - Last answered on Aug 28, 2009 at 06:38 AM by sharpman
Hello, I have 3 accounts on my pc. I am the administrator. My audio is fine but it won't work at all on other two accounts (for other household members). It began when attempting to get an MP3 player to work. The tech support had me delete "multimedia audio controller" because of a yellow "!" next to it. Since then, there is no sound on other two accounts. Please help and explain as clearly as possible. Thanks in advance for any help. Sincerely, Ian
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whats probably happened is that during the process of getting the mp3 player to work the sound drivers for the other profiles has been corrupted.

you could try down loading the sound drivers from the support site and reinstalling them.

What make / model of computer is it.

and as a matter of interest, what was the mp3 player you were trying to connect?
Ian- Aug 26, 2009 at 09:24 PM
I apologize for my ignorance... but if you could tell me how to figure out make and model, I'd be happy to reply... The mp3 player was a sony 4gb mp3/video player which worked perfectly the first time it was connected and after that would only show as "device not recognized". The identical device worked fine repeatedly on my brother's computer but would never work again on mine. I have a digital camera card reader and an ipod i shuffle that connect fine to ANY usb port but for some reason the mp3 would never be recognized. I gave up on it but have lost sound since.

Unfortunatly today, mere minutes after posting, I have got a bad virus that I've never encountered before. It's essentially shut my computer down from accessing any .exe files and certain websites are redirected. Tons of pop ups for "Windows Antivirus Pro" and everything else is almost useless. I spent 1hr on the phone with a knowledgable friend and was unable to get the computer to reboot in safe mode or run any antivirus programs available free on certain sites. I was using Norton but deleted it just yesterday (it had expired). I did this to attempt to install Norton 2009 from a CD Rom which didn't work ( I couldn't fully understand the directions in order to follow them accuratley. . I activated windows firewall which didnt' protect me. Now I don't know what to do and audio on two accounts seems much less important now. Thank you for any advice.
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seems, your best bet would be to do a fresh install of your system.
before doing that you need to identify what your computer is and what hardware it has to identify what drivers are needed to reinstall on your system.

is the system a known make, ie dell, toshiba, hp etc.?
is the system a laptop or desktop/tower?

do you have an operating system install disk for the computer concerned?

to identify what laptop, if it is one will have a lable underneath it with some numbers on.

if it's a desk top there maybe a lable on the top or side with details on.

if not, you may be able to identify what hardware is installed by doing the following

in the run box type dxdiag
this will do a system scan of your system
along the botom of the window that comes up there is a 'save all information...' button.

click on that and save to desktop.
open the file and copy/paste this information in a reply back here.
we'll be able to determine what drivers you require for your motherboard etc to rebuild your system after you have done a fresh install of your system.

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