NFSU 2 LAN problems.. [Solved/Closed]

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Hello,i try to connect NFSU 2 LAN connections but cannot.its shows error..the error says my pc have lost connection to EA server.pliz check my adaptor or something like that...someone who knows pliz tell me how to solve this??i have no connection on internet.i juz want to connect via PC to PC???
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its easy, if u have vista, when you start the game, make sure you run it as administrator..otherwise it will say that you have lost EA conectionLD
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thanks man oh yeah... double rainbow..
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yea man axel well done
It really works on Windows 8 also
Thankx alex
but I use GameRanger for online how to do it ?
Thank you..
I had the same proble, a WAN with 4 laptops, 1 Dell XPS M1730 with Windows 7 -64b as server, and 2 laptops with XP3 and 11 with Vista.
Setting up the file SPEED2.EXE with
1- XP3
2- administrator right (right-click on the file, choose "properties", then "Compatibility" tab, then select Run This Program as XP3, and also in Privlege Level, say "Run as administrator")

(be sure also that, when you start, your firewall/antivirus does not block teh communication: ALT+TAB when trying to make a LAN for checking if your firewall does not ask you the authorization for proceeding...)
thanks man