Bully scholarship edition direct x problem [Closed]

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i am running bully scholarship edition on my vista home premium but I everytime I double click the bully icon it says d3dx9_38.dll is not found, which I think is related to direct x 9.0c included with the game but I have got direct x 10 installed on vista. is there a way to install direct x 9.0c simultaneously with direct x 10 if so plz tell me how to do that or u may suggest other methods so I can run this game.

Plz help me if u can coz I have wasted $25.00 on this game and the dumbass's of Rockstar games are not helping me in any way.
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this game does have a direct x problem on the retail dvd
here is what I did
1. install game from dvd
2.when dx says installing (it gets stuck)press ctrl alt del (at the same time)
3.look for dxsetup and end task
now the game install will skip this part and the game will finish the install

download dx websetup from microsoft(This will update to lastest version & run

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arslan- Jul 30, 2012 at 12:50 AM
go to download d3dx9_26 dll and select the second option and download that file and paste it in the bully directory
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download d3dx9_38.dll then but it in c in windows in system 32
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your computer having any problem may be virus tahts same thing happens with me but my games was not expensive ok you need to installed the games again delete your own one so when you installed it may be worked

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