How to set password on wifi network [Solved/Closed]

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i have bsnl broadband modem with wifi.
i just want to convert my unsecured wifi connection into secure wifi connection I mean I just want to set password on my wifi network so that only known person can browse through my wifi network...!!
plz help and tell me how to set password on wifi network..??

operating system using-Microsoft Window 7
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1. First log on to websitehttp://

2. Enter the usrname and password

3. By default the username and password is admin/admin

4. Now click o the Wireless link

5. Under the Wireless link you will see Basic link, click on Basic link

6. Check the box Enable Wireless

7. Enter any name you like to inSSID and click on save/applybutton

8. After you have done the above steps click on Security link

9. Here under WEP Encrptionoption, make it Enabled

10. So you will see some more fields to be entered

11. Now Choose 128bit security andNetwork Key 1

12. Enter your Network Key in the first field

13. Network key should be in 13 Hexa digits i.e. (A-Z)(0-9)For example : ABCDEFGHZRQ98, letters are case sensitive

14. After you have entered this settings click on save/applybutton

And here you go, your BSNL WiFi network is safe and protected.

Now go to your Network Connections and search for a wireless netwrok, you will see your name that you entered in SSID field, click on that name enter the 13 digit key and relax and surf the protected and problem free internet.

Hope this helps you.
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Rose- Nov 22, 2012 at 06:45 AM
I tried...It really works....Thank u so much......
rob- Dec 12, 2012 at 05:52 AM
thanks a lot really helped :D
deepak- Dec 26, 2012 at 01:00 PM
thanks really helped
aditya- Jan 18, 2013 at 08:08 AM
what will be the password for this
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Hi there,

To set the Security key you need to have access to your Modem/Router.

I assume that you know the username and passsword to access your router.

Follow the steps below.

1) Goto Command prompt and write


now you will see the ip address of Default gateway which should be like this 192.168.x.x.

2) open internet explorer and type this address in address bar and press enter then it will ask u about username

and password. Provide it and if you dont know then try these which are common

username: admin
password: password

if still not connected then ask your service provider for help. If you are connected then follow the next step.

3) Now look for Wireless settings on the left and then click on it.

4) now you will see the options on the right. At the bottom you will see Network Key (8 ~ 63 characters).

just type the key here and apply it.

Reboot your router ..

Now test it.. Best of luck.

Imran Khan
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Take a look on this wireless router configuration and wireless network security articles that talk about securing wireless network. Hope able to help..

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