GTA San Andreas will not launch in Windows 7 [Solved/Closed]

Ask a question chetanjagkar - Last answered on Sep 13, 2017 at 10:36 AM by ck
I have gta san an dreas. It works in xp but not works in windows 7?
How I can play GTA SAN AN DREAS in windows 7?

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Some of the comments on here are complete drivel. You CAN get GTA San Andreas to work on Windows 7 to a large extent, the only problem tends to be with a lack of all the sounds. Most of the sounds work, but the cutscene audio doesn't work and neither do a lot of the speech files along with the radio stations.
And no it WON'T freeze every five minutes, someone who said that clearly didn't do any research and is just reckoning they know better. It works fine, I can play it for HOURS without any problems pertaining to lag, or freezing up, it's just the frikkin audio!
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makavelirealG- May 17, 2013 at 07:32 AM
well av got the same problem and av tried basically all methods mentioned,created a new user,deleted gta sa.set,reinstalled the program but nuthin's OS is windows 7 ultimate 64 bit,intel celeron 2.2ghz processor,1024mb of ram.sorry if av deviated from the topic.have you gat any clue marcus?
Marcus- May 17, 2013 at 08:55 AM
Nope. That was posted in 2010 my friend, times have changed. Moved on rapidly from that. To be honest better off playing Saints Row 3 or something.
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I found solution on GTA SAN an DREAS is not launch in windows 7.Update graphics driver. U can use uniblue driver scanner. u can serch your Question in following

Q: Why does the "Heat Haze" effect look weird on my ATI graphics card?
A: The Heat Haze effect has been noticed to be corrupt when using ATI 4.x series drivers - this seems cured on 5.x series ATI drivers.

Q: Why does running GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas on my laptop not offer me widescreen screen modes, when the screen on my laptop is a widescreen display?
A: Some laptop widescreen displays are not a standard aspect ratio. GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas only supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, and those closely related to them. You may also find some resolutions are not offered as usable at all by GRAND THEFT AUTO : San Andreas because they deviate too much from 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios.

Q: Why do the buildings in the world take time to catch up with me when I drive in a fast vehicle in a built up area?
A: Most likely you have disabled the Frame Limiter, or your Hard Drive is not supplying world data at a fast enough rate. Re-enabling the Frame Limiter will help this.

Q: Why am I having difficulty setting up 2 control pads at the same time?
A: GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas can only support one external device.

Q: I cannot complete donuts in the first "Driving School" test.
A: The key setup you are using may not allow the reporting of the 3 necessary keys at the same time, you may have to re-define keys to allow this to be detected correctly.

Q: Why do I get missing and flashing textures in 16 bit graphics modes?
A: GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas was developed specifically for 32 bit screen modes. Although playing in 16 bit modes are supported, this will result in a much poorer experience and the game may not play as intended.

Q: Why do I only hear advertisements when listening to the User Track Player?
A: Check that any shortcuts in the "My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\User Tracks" are valid and that they have been scanned using the Scan User Tracks function in the User Track Options menu submenu of the Audio Setup menu. If trying to playback MP3, M4A or WMA tracks you may need to install Windows Media Player, QuickTime or a third party codec pack.

Q: Why does GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas take a long time to start up if I have lots of music files or shortcuts in my User Tracks folder?
A: This occurs when Automatic Media Scan is set to ON in the User Track Options. Turning off the Automatic Media Scan will make loading faster and, in sequential mode, will stop the User Track Player from returning to the first track after the game loads.

Q: Why does GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas always start on the same track when in sequential mode?
A: This occurs when Automatic Media Scan is set to ON in the User Track Options menu. Turning off the Automatic Media Scan will stop the User Track Player from returning to the first track after the game loads.

Q: I don't have a soundcard in my PC (or I don't have the drivers for my soundcard installed) - Can I run GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas on my PC?
A: GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas requires a soundcard to be present, and will refuse to run without one.

Q: Should I install the Radio Stations to Hard Drive whilst installing GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas?
A: Most computers will benefit from playing the Radio Stations from Hard Drive. Exceptions to this would be computers with poor Hard Drive performance - these will benefit from playing the Radio Stations from DVD.

Q: When I installed GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas I selected the full install option to play the Radio Stations from my Hard Drive. Do I still need the GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas DVD in my DVD-ROM drive to play?
A: Yes. You must have the GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas DVD in your DVD-ROM drive at all times.

Q: I don't want to upgrade my finely honed DirectX 8.1 system to DirectX 9; can I still play GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas without DirectX 9?
A: GRAND THEFT AUTO: San Andreas must have DirectX9 installed.
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I play it on windows 7 ultimate!
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it works only you have to delete gta_sa.set from documents GTA san andreas user files
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I had it working on windows 7 64bit for over 1 year, had no problems with anything, reinstalled it a couple of times, everything was fine. And now suddenly it doesn't start... I have tried EVERYTHING, and EVERY "solution" that I found on the internet... And it just refuses to start.
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Dear Chetan,

You won't get any way to have it working on the Windows 7 OS

for it is not compatible to it.

Thanks in advance.
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GTA San Andreas is not made to be played on Windows 7 check the Minimum requirements and you will see that it will not work on Windows 7 even if you somehow sucses to turn it on it will crash every 5 minutes.

Hope this helped you'r problem plus Windows XP is better if you have an older pc like from 2005 Windows 7 will give you many errors and you will get the Blue Screen of Death.

Hope that you are not dissapointed.

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