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Here's what I'm working with.

In Column R there's 7000 of Side A coverage and in Column S there's 7000 of Side B coverage. In Column T the customer did not go over the coverage, however I still need the formula to calculate without showing that 6200 minus 7000 is a negative number.(I don't need the negative numbers because when I create a formula to add the results it's factoring in the negative numbers :( I only need positive number like if the T2 actual goes over R2 and by how much. I need those results added to V2 overage and if those results are a negative number make the cell show 0. I have this for V2 but its not working. =T2-R2+IF(V2<1,0)

R2 S2 T2 U2 V2 W2 X2 Y2
A Coverage B Cov A Actual B Actual A overage B overage minus answer
7000 7000 6200 7100 100 50 #VALUE!

Would I would like to do with the above info is to say:

T2 minus R2 = Answer only if positive number goes to V2 and then U2 minus S2 = Answer only if positive number goes to W2 and then W2 + V2 - X2 = Y2

Thanks for your help. Mainly I need T2 - R2 to come up with an answer that's not a negative number.
plus moins
I am not too sure what you are looking for

See if this info helps you

Have you looked at use of ABS() function that will give you the absolute difference

have you looked at this , to say do the diff only if value 1 - value2 is greater or equal to zero
=if (value1 -value2 >=0, value1 -value2, 0)

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