Fujitsu laptop went off & wont turn on now? [Solved/Closed]

wizbit - Apr 11, 2010 at 04:13 AM - Latest reply:  Dave
- Feb 1, 2017 at 10:36 AM
My fujitsu laptop was working fine, then it just suddenly went off, & now it wont turn back on, there is power to it-but when you try to switch it on-just nothing! any ideas Guys?
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I did what you said & still have nothing it doesnt power up? when I removed the battery & plugged in adapter, it didnt show anything on the little screen where it shows you if its on battery or mains? but when battery is in it shows its charging from the mains?? help
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Need urgent help. My fujitsu laptop turned off suddenly and cannot turn on again. Tried turn on by using adaptor (without battery plugged in) and hold the turn on switch but still not working. Please help. Thanks.
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HI there,

Remove battery and plug in adapter ,press on power and switch it on ,after having successfully logged in make a shut down and plug back battery ,if no reaction please feel free to revert back with more information.

My laptop turned on when I took out the battery then I pressed space and it turned off now it won't turn on again
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Try disconnecting the laptop ac\adapter. Then take battery out.
Plug in ac\adapter, put battery back in and hold down the
POWER BUTTON. Before you decide to junk it take a look
it worked..thanx
really helpful it worked
As this is the top google search for this question, just wanted to add a little bit more. If the laptop is a lifebook, such as the one that I have just repaired, the battery may be inbuilt. If so, you will need to remove the back from the machine, which is fitted with torx screws (a T7 driver is the correct size, don't try and use a normal screwdriver, as you might damage the heads) once removed, the battery is connected to the board with a small push-on connector which is easy to disconnect.