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I have a new Sony Bravia KDL32EX403, a Sony UWA-BR100 LAN adapter, an N standard router and a new white Macbook. Sony internet video is mostly drivel, and to access enhanced features the TV screen says "visit bravia.internet.sony.tv", which I can't find and makes no sense as a web address. I mainly want BBC iplayer and ITV equivalent, so via the macbook seems the only way but I don't want to be messing about with cables. Again the TV screen says "install send from PC to TV plugin", but I can't find this either. Sony instructions really are rubbish - ditto their website for anything beyond selling stuff. Can anyone help, please?

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I went to www.bravia.internet.sony.tv and had to set up an account there. When that account was set up it allowed me to download Pc to TV plugin but only after I downloaded [firefox] on my mac and even then it had to be version 2.0 not the current one. I still have not figured out how it is to link with my mac. Ugh!! Only two steps ahead of you but really no further.
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No such app as the iMedia Share.
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media Share is real! it is for the iPhone and iPad. NOT the MacBook.
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The App Store and Google play say that imediashare is not available in the uk as at march 2017
Hi All,

All info is in the Sony iManual. If you are using Mac iOS device just download iMedia Share from App Store (free) and it will mirror your iOS device to your your Sony no problem (after setting up WiFi Direct which is also easy)

As for mirroring MBP you can use HDMI of course and make sure system preferences are looking at the Sony in 'Display Settings'. Or you can of course stream wirelessly using your LAN / WiFi connection.

I bought a new W6 last month and it is all up and running with no cables.

Also you can reset the internet start page to a URL of your choice - it doesn't have to be the Sony products website page as your start page.

Hope this helps
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Thanks Richie
I think the question was to connect MacBook, not iOS.
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And of course you don't have an answer richierich. Preach on abc. It's "of course" a run around in circles answer you gave richierich. It's not in the manual, it's so much more complex than your snide of course solutions. Sony has a job in their tech department waiting for peeps like yourself. No BluTooth no DIRECT-gF-BRAVIA, no standard Wifi. Not even an HDMI solves anything. If only Samsung had a gaming interface. And NO! PS4 doesn't fix anything either hack attacks
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Hi, we have created a Mac App that does just that: Mirror for Sony TV
You can find it on the Mac App Store. It will mirror your Mac screent to your Sony TV including sound.
Hope this helps.
Would love the name of that app
Well at least we now have BBC iplayer on the Bravia internet; very easy to use. I've since had various emails from Sony but am no nearer to connecting Macbook wirelessly. I've resorted to an audio cable plus HDMI cable, which works well (really good picture) but is - well, messy cables!
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There is this app for Macs (iMac, Macbook, Mac Pro) to mirror the screen of your Mac wirelessly to any Sony Smart TV.

You can download the trial version here: http://www.airbeam.tv/try/sony/
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