How to reformat a toshiba satelite laptop [Solved/Closed]

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my son has a toshiba satelite laptop, I need to reformat the harddrive and I don't know how. I own a dell and am pretty computer savvy about dells. when it comes to toshiba i'm so lost. please tell me how to just simply reformat the harddrive and get his laptop to factory conditions so that we can start all over.
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We need to clean out the harddrive. How do we do it??
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These days you won't get a copy of the windows CD but the KEY is given at the bottom of the laptop.
How can I install windows Vista as the company gave me the key but not the software??!!
liveCD obsessed- Jan 27, 2009 at 08:25 PM
most laptops come with recovery disks; look around and see. I personally use linux most of the time, but I keep vista on my laptop as my wireless card is not compatible with linux. vista is a pain, but if you downscale it themewise, you'll easily see improvement.
sav- Mar 13, 2009 at 01:10 PM
if I have no disc how do I get factory settings
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just hit f8 at boot. go to restore.
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lol honestly there isnt any difference between refomatting any brand computers they are basically the same.. Just make sure u have your window cd in your drive b4 u actually let the comp boot so then just go to bios and make sure u go the config from there by pressing delete or f12.. and then change the boot to your dvd drive or cd drive as your first boot device and then save the config by pressing f10 and it should restart and the bios will pop out again and just let it boot thru and from there u should see a black screen and eventually asks u to boot thru dvd or cd which u would want to do so press any key to activate and u should b okay from there unless u want me to get into detail with how to reformat >_>
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Go to this Toshiba site for instructions
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Darik's Boot and Nuke will erase EVERYTHING on the hard drive including Windows. download it burn a boot CD set the BIOS to boot from the CD and it will do it's thing. Good Luck

download at this site

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