My computer beeps at start up.... [Solved/Closed]

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hey, can someone plz help me, when I put on my computer I hear at least eight beeps, the monitor does not come on but the computer is, i've been told its either a ram or graphics card problem, but how can I tell which is it?? or is that the real problem..... I need a response asap cas I have important stuff on it.....

your help wud be greatly appreciated

tnx in advance,

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check ur ram thr mst be some problem in your ram
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Look at this article concerning the different meanings of BIOS beeps noise :
Hope this help you
Best regards
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when I turn on my pc it beeps I don't know why please help meee m in bigg problem.
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i need help also my hp I got turns on but stays on the hp logo and wont let me go to main screen or even login
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Dear Russking,

This could be indicating different problems with your PC. It could be a problem sourcing from motherboard. Try

getting your motherboard to a computer technician for a check up and for analyzing it. You could also be a

experiencing this due to hardware failures. Do read the pop up messages that might be indicating you about any

hardware failure. Still this could also be from your memory sticks which are messing up.


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