Transfering sound from laptop to tv with HDMI [Solved/Closed]

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I have a Dell Studio XPS laptop and am trying to convert what I watch on my laptop to my television using an HDMI cable. The picture transfers fine, but the sound is an issue. I have already changed my default sound to the HDMI cable under the control panel but it still sometimes plays from the computer. Every now and then I can get the sound to stop playing on the laptop, but then the sound continues to just not come out of the laptop or the television. Please help me!

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Had similar problem with Windows 7 and Toshiba laptop and Toshiba TV, video through HDMI cable but sound out of laptop. Was working fine for over a year (both sound and audio out of TV through HDMI) then one day sound just stopped.
Fixed by:
Going to - Start Menu - Control Panel - Sound - Playback tab.
Your TV should be one of the playback devices listed. If not, right click inside the device list box and select 'Show disabled devices'.
Now that TV is listed as a playback device, right click on it and select enable. Then right click again and select 'set as default device'.
Green check mark should now appear on TV icon and sound should now come from TV with video.
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Gunner Girl- Mar 5, 2011 at 08:26 PM
Thank you sooooooo much! I can't believe how easy that was....You're the Greatest!!!!!!
computerproblemgirl- Nov 17, 2012 at 01:28 PM
omgggggggggggg thannnnkkk youu sooo mucchh I lke love you right now <3
Grundig HDTV- Jul 5, 2017 at 12:29 PM
Thank you, awesome solution. Grundig HDTV
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I had the exact same problem, and none of the solutions worked! I'm running from my laptop to TV via HDMI, and the sound usually projects through the tv once I plug the cable in. The solution I found was to open the Device Manager, and down at the bottom of the list, under system devices, I found that the High Definition Audio Controller was disabled, mysteriously and on its own! I enabled it, and VOILA, the audio was immediately transferred to my TV! I have an external speaker system hooked up to my TV's audio output, so now my laptop is working on a bigger HD screen w/premium stereo sound!

Start Menu - Control Panel - Device Manager - System Devices - High Definition Audio Controller - right click - properties - enable

Hope this helps!

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