Hp Laptop Log in screen won;t show [Closed]

Ask a question Gonzolo - Last answered on Dec 13, 2008 at 12:20 PM by naari.bharadwaj

A few hours ago my HP laptop started to not open things when i clicked them. Like, if i clicked on interent explorer, it would never pop up a window, same for the paint application, the clock, etc... so i shut it down. When i turned it back on, it goes to the windows loading screen like normal and finishes it like normal. But then the blue screen with the HP logo pops up, the one where i usually type in my password to log in, but the log in box won't show... its just the blue screen with Hp in the backround... and nothing ever comes up no matter how long... i've restarted it several times now and the same thing happens every time... what should i do?

PS: when i was shutting it down the first time, it said there were updates to do... but it didn;t actually seem to do them cause it shutdown like 10 seconds later as if there were no updates... i don;t know if that matters or not

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start your laptop press f8 key and enter into safe mode there verify your drivers which are installed recently as they can cause problem if problem with those roll back or uninstall the drivers

or in safe mode type sigverif command in run, windows verifies the drivers unistall all the unsinged drivers from the list or delete drivers as they cause major problem

and finally the welcome screen is not appearing means the way of user login may be changed defaultly. if the problem persists

first unistall the client/server for netware in my network properties then change the way user login

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