Pendrive keeps on getting disconnected. [Closed]

Ask a question Sutasom - Last answered on Sep 6, 2010 at 09:16 PM by Sutasom
In my desktop all the pendrives keep on getting disconnected and then remount after a few seconds. I hav tried formatting with a different O.S (linux mint 9) but the problem persists. the pendrives work fine in other computers. strangely I connect to internet via USB port and it works just fine. my mobile mass storage devices also connect without a problem. I use xp with service pack 2.

it would be a great help if you tell me what is the problem.
plus moins
currently I am using xp...i formatted my pc two days back..before that I used mint isodera..

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Hi there,

You are currently having issues with xp or linux?please confirm.


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