Forgot my Yahoo id and password [Solved/Closed]

sanju - Last answered on Jul 22, 2017 at 10:21 PM by Sahaa

i forgot my yahoo mail's password and security question please help me its so important all my official document are in it

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Try this 1
Click on the below hyperlink "Yahoo Online Account Assistance" and fill all the details.
Yahoo Online Account Assistance
Make sure you provide the correct information regarding your account and wait for their reply.
Good Luck
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You can get a new password, a Yahoo! ID reminder, or both. If you forgot your Yahoo! ID or password, go to the Sign-in Problems page.
If you forgot your Yahoo! ID, you need to provide three pieces of information so they can confirm your identity:
* Your birthday
* Your ZIP or postal code (at the time you created your Yahoo! account or when you last updated it)
* Your alternate email address -Note: You must have access to this email address
* Country code (at the time you created your Yahoo! account or when you last updated it)
Be sure to provide the same information you gave the last time you registered for a new Yahoo! ID or password or the last time you updated your account.
If you forgot your password, you can create a new one. But first you'll have to provide the following information so we can confirm your identity:
* Your Yahoo! ID
* Alternate email address, mobile phone number, or the answers to your secret questions
A Reset Your Password link will be sent to your alternate email address. Click the link and enter your new password in the Reset your password page.
If you entered your secret question incorrectly or forgot what you originally entered, for security reasons, you will not be told what your Yahoo ID is or let you create a new password.

Good Luck!

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