Watermark to some pages not all [Solved/Closed]

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Hello Office Software Geek,

I am currently writing a lengthy document and want to add my name as a watermark to some pages and another name to others. But the problem is if I apply my name as watermark, it marks it on all pages and I do not want, I just want to apply to some pages. Is that possible with Microsoft Office 2010?

Thank you in advance for your response.

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Hi Bionik,

FYI, A watermark object (picture or text) is
anchored in the Header area.

You can use different watermarks on Different pages as:

1. Make sure that you use section breaks to separate
the sets of pages that require differing Watermarks
(including sections with NO watermark). for this go Page layout ----Page setup ---- Break ---- Section Break

2. Insert the Watermark you would like for any section
- initially it will be the same throughout the document.

3. Double-click, and modify, the Headers so that each
section does NOT have 'Same as previous'.

4. Move to the (in your case) first section, double-click its
Header - you will now be able to 'select' the watermark
with a single (Left-)click.

5. Right Click the Watermark, choose 'Edit text,
and modify the Watermark for that section.

6. Repeat for the other sections until you have whatever
Watermark you want (including NO Watermark) in each

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Thank you very much for this! It helped me a lot while doing some project!
thanx man........
helped me a lot.!!
I honestly didn't think it work for me as I've done a simplified 'booklet' in Word and I only wanted it on the first page which is on the second A4 sheet on the right-hand side; I've no idea how but it did work - thanks so much; that's saved me masses of time.
There is a simple solution that requires fewer steps:
in Office 365:
1. Go to Design Tab
2. Click the Watermark button (Earlier versions this is on the "Page Layout" Tab in the Page Background group)
3. Select Custom Watermark (at the bottom of the shortcut menu).
4. Select the Text watermark option.
5. Change the Text field to DRAFT.
6. Click OK.
The watermark now appears on all pages.
Thank you so much for this!

I tried inserting the watermark as a custom text watermark and it included it on every page (which it wasn't doing when I was using one of their standard ones).
Symon JOseph > Hermione - Mar 2, 2015 at 10:28 AM
I want to create a custom water mark on a word document which already have a header. If I use built-in water marks like "confidential" it appears OK. The header and water mark remains as desired. When I put custom watermark, the header disappears and only custom water mark remains. I want header and custom water mark. How to do that?
Guys, trying the same but my problem is that my document contains a proper header that I need to keep. When I do step 3, it deletes the header from the section completly. Any idea how to avoid this?
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You are most welcome
Thank you ! Thank you! I've been stressing trying to figure it out!!!
I use a free google Chrome extension/plugin, DocoShare, that automatically puts watermark to anything I attach to email. It works great.