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I have two sheet one is RIB which remittence into bank and 2nd one is bank statement

i have to match rib with bank statement every month. but problem is that there is no unique identifier in both sheet. so i use vlookup for match but when same amount occur there proble. Condition for matching the amout that is date of bank statement where amount match with RIB is equal or greater then the date of RIB amount. I attach the both file for your reference.

As u seen in rib statement Amount of Rs. 21433 is three time two time in dated 02-01-2011 and one time in 03-01-2011. but in bank statement this amount is two but one one is on 01-01-2011. 2nd is on 03-01-2011 when i try vlookup it match with both amount of rib but its not true i want exact position with the conidtion bank statement date is equal to or greater then the date of rib matched amount date.

waiting for your response



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Hi Manoj,

Didn't find any attached document. Try a file sharing site like and post back the link. Keep in mind that I'm using Excel 2003 and therefore need the extension to be .xls.

Please show in your file what you would like to accomplish.

Best regards,

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