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Hello,i have deleted my internet options in the control panel.some of my programmes on my destop depends on the support of it to work.which means i can no longer open any by clicking on them,i thing i may have deleted it from my xp windows programme.i have tryed system restore but it was some time in 2008 when i made the error,and system restore will not allow me to go back to july control panel i have tryed clicking on internet options,but all it does is flickers for about a second but does not open.does this mean i will have to re install xp.i have worked so hard to get my p.c to how i want it,and whould be a big blow if this is the case
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Hi There
I'm pretty sure we can get you up and running again. The first thing I would do is a SFC from the command line
To do this simply go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in:

"sfc /scannow" without the quote's this will check your system files and replace them if any are missing etc. You might need your XP disc if your I386 folder is not on your hard drive.

Hopefully that should sort your problems out.

If not you could do a system repair with you XP cd, with a repair you should not loose any of your data but I would back up as a precaution.
Hope this Helps Kindest Regards Tony B.

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bndhar- Feb 15, 2009 at 04:09 PM
thanks brakers for your reply to my question,i have tryed runing "sfc/scannow" but i get an error message windows can not find this present i do not have my xp windows programme to it going to be possible to replace my internet option file without it.bndhar
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Use add/remove programs in the control panel and rollback from IE8 to 7 or earlier. This should restore your Internet options. Then run windows updates and upgrade your browser again. I don't think sfc /scannow will work. At least i know it doesn't when viruses are the cause. There's registry keys that need to be tweaked and this is a good work around.
johnny- Nov 6, 2009 at 11:02 AM
my internet is on windows internet explorer 7, and i must have delted one of the peices, and now it wont work, i dont have any of the software either so how can i get my internet running again?
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if you are not being able to fix the problem by using the System Restore tool, you may try to do a repair by using the Windows CD.
insert the CD and then reboot the computer. you will be prompted to either do a repair, install windows and exit.
press R to repair your system.
then follow the instruction wizards.
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thanks for your reply john,its been along time since i asked the forum for the help.i up and runing again .thanks again.bndhar

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