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I have one excel sheet. column A has a list of names formated as follows:

Last name, First name

column B has a much longer list o names in the same format.

Some of the names in column A exist in column B.

I am looking for a formula that will produce in column C the names that appear on both lists.

Thanks for your help!!!
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user vlookup formula if you have same name in second column
=vlookup(select any one name in column A prefer first name , then select full range of column B then ,1,FALSE)
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Hi You can have a true or false formula as
=A2=B2. Then if same cell has the same data you will result it with True. If not the same will be False.
its working only for MS office 2007
not in 2010
This worked great as a very fast audit of 2 rows of text. Just type in the formula and filter by "false" to find the discrepancies. Amazing tip!
I have an Answer :

It is possible that I can give you the formula you will get the details of the name which you have in column B

Ex : =vlookup(select column b,select the range the same you have in column A,1,0) hit the Enter and drag the formula till the end.
Dragging it was the key! Thank you
Yes! I have tried SO many different "solutions" this finally did it. I had a long column A, a short column B and was able to remove any appearing in A that also appeared in B. So simple and yet so complicated. Thanks!
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I see that this thread status is "not resolved".
You will find here an other way to solve your problem without using macro or formula :
I hope this helps