Sony vaio laptop - black screen only shows cursor on start up [Solved/Closed]

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- Nov 8, 2017 at 05:15 AM
My Sony vaio laptop has black screen on start up.
It shows cursor arrow only
Nothing works.
When it starts it does show "vaio" logo that disappears into a black screen.
Somebody help please!!!!

I have tried taking battery out and pressing power button for 60 seconds - doesn't work
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I pulled out battery again placed it and pressed Shift with F8 and simultaniously pressed power button and then I hstart hiting the F8 key it worked for me
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It worked! Thank you.
Thank you so much
Mr. Nagendra
Its works.. Thanks mate
Thank you for answer!! It helps a lot!!!!
Do you pull the battery and then press the keys or do you put the battery in first and then hit the keys??
how I got my vaio working was while laptop is turned off, press assist button, keep pressed for a few seconds, next to power, and a recovery mode is there, just restart windows mine is windows 8.1 though
Thanks cobber, she's working again. nice one D.
It again showed black screen for few minutes but eventually displayed startup screen...thanks a lot man..
Same thing happens to me, I removed battery and press F10 continuously and problem resolved
Thank you. Everything else failed
thank you very much it works
Worked for me thanks
thanks, this option worked for me
The exact same thing happened on my Sony Vaio. I managed to resolve it by taking out the battery and then continuously holding down the "SHIFT" and "F8" keys then pressing Start. I have no idea why it worked, but it did!
I've gone through all the steps but when I turn my laptop on, the screen still goes between Vaio loading and a black, blank page. Can someone help?
Thank you thank you so so much I thought I had to go repair it about a year ago and I followed this and wow it works very very well thanks again
It worked. Thx
God bless you thanks a lot lots of love
pritimaldita - Aug 2, 2014 at 01:08 PM
Got the same problem and I got worried. I tried the same procedure, pulled out the batteryand pressed down Shift+F8+ power button and it really worked! Thanks so much!!
it worked for me too but I did'nt remove batteries thanks...................
It worked thanks
Thanx a lot guyzz.. it worked for me
Worked for me too...thanks a lot
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Thnkq its wrkng
well, worked this temporarily, but did not solve the problem permanently. after weeks or two, it again showing the same black out screen on my sony vaio. I dont know this happen because I disabled the upgradation of both sony vaio and windows, but I am facing this problem again....
Sony Officials must look into this problem very seriously, lest I am thinking of scraping this machine
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The problem is frequent with all laptops. Yours is accumulating to much "Flea" power which must be drained. Upgrades have nothing to do with the issue.
what does Flea mean here if up-gradation is nothing to do with sony vaio machines?
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Not flea but flea power. It is the residual power accumulated in the circuits. It frequently happens in all laptops. When you take out the battery and cable, press and hold the power button, this drains the flea power.
Thank youuuu. It works for me as well !
Love from malaysia !
Thank you so much.. my laptop is working now !!! :)
well said, and understood , thank you @Ambucias