Why is Bluesoleil asking for a passkey? [Closed]

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O.K, So I'm using a SWAGE headset from ROKITBOOST, and it works fine with my S2 Android, however, when I try to pair it with my computer, it doesn't seem to work.
I currently am using the latest version of Bluesoleil (10.0.417.0), along with an ORICO 4.0 Bluetooth adapter.
I'm able to see the headset available on the Bluesoleil, but when I try to pair them, it says I need some kind of passkey, which I never got. I did check my headset manual, but I still can't see what I'm doing wrong.

If you can give me some suggestions, that'd be great. I'm no wiz at this stuff so I'd be grateful.

(Even though I know I shouldn't have to tell you, please keep in mind that I'm running the Bluesoleil in Evaluation mode or whatever it is for the 30 days that it's letting me.)

Please and Thank You for taking time to help.
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I had been trying the following passkeys : 0000 and 1234, seeing as its some kind of universal thing.
So, after about 30 min of it failing on me and me turning the device off and on, I was finally able to pair it. ( 0000 seemed to work.)
Thank You for those who tried to help and or where in the process of it.
I appreciate everything.


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sankar from India- Aug 10, 2017 at 09:21 AM
i entered 0000. it works well. thanks
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Thanks for letting us know.

Kamaldeep Singh- Sep 27, 2015 at 02:02 PM
thanks it works.

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