HARD disk failure [Solved/Closed]

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My laptop says smart failure detected, few days ago the hard disk got heated up and the laptop is getting slower day by day. If shows the message Smart failure detected and says press F1 to continue. Now I am unable to take back up and the hard disk is not responding. What seems the issue and how to take back up? Is the hard disk failing or the laptop is faulty?

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you have to remove the HDD from the laptop and mount it in an external hdd casing. Connect the HDD to another system and try to access it as external hdd. Take back up of all the important files.
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Hi Karel.izaac,

It is hard to say if the problems comes from the hard drive or the laptop. Overheating may be a grave issue and could affect other components. Is your hard drive detected in BIOS? If it is not, I would suggest you to contact the reseller (in case your laptop is under warranty). If the warranty has expired, check the laptop's manual for instructions and open the laptop. Remove the hard drive and connect it to another PC. Check if the drive is recognized and if it will be possible to backup your data. If the drive has failed, I recommend you to contact a technician in order to determine your laptop's condition. If the issue is motherboard related, the same could happen to another hard drive.

Hope this helps
karel.izaac 15Posts Wednesday July 15, 2015Registration date May 8, 2017 Last seen - Mar 16, 2017 at 01:46 AM

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