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Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much. I had the problem of a short cut being created on ANY flash drive I installed on one of my laptops, a Dell Latitude D620 running Windows XP, ya its a old one but a good workhorse. I tried many different methods (attrib using cmd, etc) and nothing worked.

Your UsbFix is the only method that completely repaired the problem. Before, if I left the flash drive with the short cut on it, it would work on the computer that created the problem but if I moved the flash drive to another newer computer the system would automatically flag and delete the infected file (which is good) but the files on the flash drive would all be gone, still there but not accessable.

UsbFix fixed the problem on all my flash drives and fixed the infected computer that was passing on the virus to all insterted external and flash drives. and I did not lose any of the data on any of my flash or external drives!

I understand that this is a VERY DANGEROUS VIRUS to have on your drives as it is made to compile all your data in a single file and upload for identity and finacial theft.

Hats off and a bow to you guys for making this extremely valuable software. You are now in my arsenal of valuable must have tools. I will pass on my results and your product information to all I have contact with. Thanks again!

Robert Arauz
plus moins
Thank you for your comment but USB Fix was designed by El Desaparecido
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