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Ask a question Neal - Last answered on Feb 18, 2016 at 05:57 AM by BrianGreen

I recently started ordering parts to build a new gaming rig. Got everything ordered except a monitor and new SSD so i decided to just take the HDD from my laptop and install it in the new desktop and use the TV as a monitor until the other parts come it. Got everything together fine and started it up. The keyboard worked before windows loaded (i had to press f1 to cont normally with boot) but one it got to the password screen the keyboard wouldn't input anything. So I powered down the computer made sure that the front panel USB ports were plugged in and everything was fine. After this point I could no longer get any display from the computer. I tried taking out the cmos battery checked the ram tried the other video card port everything I could think and nothign helps

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Hi Neal,

It is possible that the reason the keyboard didnt work the first time is that the drivers were being installed for all the bits in the new computer before the machine could use the keyboard (ie the keyboard drivers were not in place at the point when you turned it off). It can take a few minutes for a transferred hard drive to work - if if is going to work at all!.

If you had important data on your drive then try installing it into the original machine and see if you can access it.

If I understand you correctly, you can still see things happen on your new build until the Hard drive takes over (can you see a "Splash" screen showing the motherboard or graphics card manufacturer? With the hard drive removed, try starting the machine. Do yo get a message sying no bootable devices are found? - or is the screen blank?
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Neal- Feb 17, 2016 at 07:06 AM
Hi Brian,,
First off Id' like to that you for offering your time to try and help me.
Secondly, no I originally got to the windows log in screen and now my tv says No signal and doesnt display anything. It soulds like my whole rig turns on. I can hear the HDD and DVD power up all the fans turn on all the leds even a little white light on the Video card. And the HDD still working in the laptop it came from as that is the machine I'm using now to look for solutions XD
Neal- Feb 17, 2016 at 01:47 PM
Update. Seems to be the mother board. Took comp to a friend's house we have same build. PUT my video card in his machine and no display. The fans on the card itself turn on when I start the pc but kick off after 30 secs or so. Also putting his card in my machine offers no results. This leads me to believe bother the Mobo and video card are bad unless someone has another idea.
BrianGreen 935Posts Saturday January 17, 2015Registration date ModeratorStatus September 2, 2017 Last seen - Feb 18, 2016 at 02:57 AM
Hi Neal,

Thanks for the update. From this my first suspect would be the graphics card. If it wont work in another PC, then it is unlikely to be the motherboard. Also if another card works in your machine, then it proves your motherboard is working. However you say it goes off after about 30 seconds using your friends card. This could be a driver issue, but like you say is more likely to be a motherboard issue - possibly heat related.

A final check would be to remove the CMOS battery for about an hour and have no power connected. This will reset the BIOS just in case there is a setup issue, but I have never come across this - they either work or dont.

I would now look to returning your Motherboard and Video card to the supplier and ask for a replacement.

Please let us know how you get on.

Good luck.
Neal- Feb 18, 2016 at 03:07 AM
Actually I took The jumpers off the mobo and took out the cmos batter about 3 hrs ago. Upon putting everything back the machine powered on and is running normally. Dono why my card wouldnt work in my friends build as we have all the same parts but the problem is relieved now. Thank you very much, I also had never run into this issue before. This is like the 20th computer I've built, just the first one Im building for myself haha.
BrianGreen 935Posts Saturday January 17, 2015Registration date ModeratorStatus September 2, 2017 Last seen - Feb 18, 2016 at 05:57 AM
lol - It always happens to our own!

Glad you got it working in the end.

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