Counting and stop counting days in a cell [Solved/Closed]

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I need to create a formula for a cell involving number of days between dates.

First cell - counts the number of days before and after due date of action from today.
Same cell stops counting the days when a date of action is entered in another cell.

The main objective is to count how many days it has taken to make an action.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
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Hi Diestra,

You mean like this?:
=IF([Cell with date of action]="", today()-[cell with date], [Cell with date of action] - [cell with date])

Where the text between [] is a cell reference.

Best regards,
diestra123- Mar 17, 2016 at 01:49 PM
Hi TrowaD, thanks but I can't make it work. :(
Here's a sample of what I want to do:

Report as of 17-Mar-16
Due Date Days to/from Due Date Date Done
01-Mar-16 -16

From the above sample, the action is 16 days delayed as of today, and this will continue to go up unless a date is entered under 'Date Done' column.
if I enter today's date (17-Mar-16) under 'Date Done' column, the -16 should stop at -16.

Help please.
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Hi Diestra,

Using your example, I put 17-Mar-16 in B2, 01-Mar-16 in A3, formula for Days to/from Due Date in B3 and Date done in C3.

Formula would then be:

So if Date done is not entered (which is what "" means), then the report date (17-Mar-16 in B1) will be subtracted from Due date (01-Mar-16 in A3).
But if Date done has been entered then, the Date done will be subtracted from the Due date.

For Report date you will use =TODAY(), which will change every day and thus Days to/from Due Date will change. For Date done you will manually input date (fixed value), thus the Days to/from Due Date will remain the same once Date done is entered.

Best regards,

diestra123- Mar 23, 2016 at 12:53 PM
Yey!! it worked!
Thanks Trowa!

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